Traveller Education : Just 13% of Traveller children complete 2nd level

Pavee Point has called for college scholarships and for earlier interventions in second level to keep Traveller children in school.

TJ Hogan speaking at the Irish Travellers national seminar. Picture: Denis Scannell

They were among several suggestions made at a national seminar in Cork yesterday to break down the barriers Irish Travellers face while progressing to higher education.

Hilary Harmon, Pavee Point’s education co-ordinator, said there are just over 36,000 Travellers living in Ireland today — with almost 74% living in a house and 42% under the age of 15. However, just 13% of Traveller children complete second-level education, compared to 92% in the settled community.

Of those who drop out of second level, Ms Harmon said 55% have left by the age of 15, and the number of Traveller children who progress to third level represents just 1% of their community writes Eoin English

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